Tuesday, September 08, 2009

*New* short fiction: Road to Guantanamo by Evans Kinyua

One chilly Tuesday afternoon in July of 2005, Tom Githinji’s longsuffering secretary, Aseca Jamati, poked her head into his office on the tenth floor of an office building in downtown Nairobi and announced in a curious tone that there were two gentlemen at the reception asking to see him. “They say that they are policemen,” she added, her brow creasing inquisitively. Tom had worked with Aseca for six years and during that time, as the group human resource manager, he had had cause to deal with the police on various occasions in the course of duty. Nothing untoward had taken place that he could recall prior to this unsolicited visit from the good gentlemen, and Aseca had reason to sound curious.

Road to Guantanamo
by Evans Kinyua

Evans Kinyua studied commerce at the University of Nairobi and also holds a postgraduate diploma in marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK). He is the author of Flight From Fate.